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Customer satisfaction
is our absolute priority.

Constantly developing innovative solutions to meet ongoing needs of our customers.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Every EMA breaker goes through rigorous quality checks and testing procedures as defined by our documented Quality Assurance program. Testing is performed both in-process and prior to shipment. Standard testing procedures include mechanical, functional, high voltage (Hipot) and contact resistance tests.

Customer inspections during testing at our facility are welcome and encouraged. All testing procedures are conducted according to IEEE/ANSI standards, using calibrated testing equipment approved by a verification body.

After-Sales Service

EMA equipment has a 24/7 USA parts and service backup.

Customer satisfaction is one of our absolute priorities and involves all the members of our organization. Our customer service department is responsible for providing assistance for any technical question or eventual problem from the time EMA equipment arrives to the jobsite, during and after the warranty period. If needed, qualified service technicians will travel to the jobsite to repair any malfunction quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, our After-Sales service keeps us in close contact with our customers, giving us the opportunity to evaluate their level of satisfaction with the product range, identify opportunities for product improvement and obtain the feedback that is essential for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Spare Parts

EMA Electromechanics, in order to ensure optimal maintenance and reliability of its products, stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts which allows for deliveries in a very short time; most standard parts can be shipped by courier overnight to the jobsite the same day they are requested.

A record of each & every EMA breaker supplied to any customer in the US or abroad is kept; this record contains a complete manufacturing bill of materials, allowing the customer just to inform the breaker’s serial number and the required part.


EMA Electromechanics offers high quality training for all EMA products, particularly for EMA model VDH/GSMI combined circuit breaker & grounding switch. Training is offered at our facility in Sweetwater, TX where the trainees besides learning the theory can also gain hands-on experience. Training courses can also be customized to be held on-site or at the customer offices upon request.

Customer service during working hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
Tel.: 1-325-235-8000 – Ext. 302

Emergency Service

After working hours, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

Tel.: 325-428-9342