Benefits of using VDH/GSMI

VDH/GSMI Provides Better Safety and Reliability for Wind and Solar Power Plants and Their Personnel.

This white paper compares the performance between grounding breaker and remote transfer trip method as a mean to provide protection for MV collection circuits of wind and solar power plants.

Improving TOV mitigation and Protection for Insulation Coordination.

This white paper compares grounding breaker and grounding transformer temporary overvoltage (TOV) mitigation performance in MV collection circuits of wind and solar power plants.

 VDH/GSMI Supports Differentiation between Internal and External Faults in Renewable Energy Power Plants.

This white paper explores the use of a grounding breaker as an operation and protection device which helps: a) each generating unit differentiate internal and external faults in wind and solar power plants. b) in the relay coordination of each generation unit to comply with low voltage ride-through required by the local grid code (USA: PRC-024/2, Argentina: PT4, Anexo I and 40, Brazil: ONS Submodulo 3.6).

VDH/GSMI Provides Solutions for Islanding and Ridethrough Understanding Lightning – Surges and Temporary Over Voltage

This white paper shows how VDH/GSMI reduces energy requirements for lightning arresters and provides fast, clear and reliable needed signal to “individual generators units” to either shut down, or continue to ridethrough for both high and low voltage ridethrough conditions.